Project for:

Wynne Schools


Photos are over 20 megapixels, 5000+ pixels and weight about 40-60MB each, so please allow sometime for them to load on your end.


Flyover video in 4K resolution:


Flyover video in 4K resolution:

Mission Type:

This is a commercial mission under Part 107 certification.

Mission Details:

This is a before and after photoshoot. Photograph the blacktop that has the basketball poles on it at Wynne Primary School from all angles including an eagle view shot. Make sure weather is appropiate and use proper liability insurance during the mission.

Mission Current Forecast – Sat Oct 12, 2019 (Before Mission):

Photos (Disclamer and Copyright Release):

The photos taken in both missions are to be used in any way that the school desires. If confronted by FAA or any law enforcement please contact – 870-362-1219 or redirect them to this website anytime. These photos were taken under our current sUAS 107 Remote Pilot License and can be used for any purpose including commercial. If you wish to give us credit for the photos, the official logos are below: